How ?


Facilitating activities


mThe association has a huge advantage: It is alegal entity, and that makes it a perfect partner for the AIIC region in Germany. The association works together with the officers and members of AIIC Germany by offering thema practical vehicle to pursue their objectives.

Current projects are described on their own pages.

The association's work still centres on the project “One Trial – Four Languages”. We want to carry on digging up facts and sharing our findings with anyone interested. The plan includes:


Historical research

The People:


 Identify more names of simultaneous interpreters who worked at the principal war crime proceedings in Nuremberg in 1945-1946. We want to know more about


  • their biographies
  • their working conditions
  • the procedures they used

The Equipment



What equipment was used in the courtroom? What were the prototypes? How was it improved?


The Profession:


How did the professional profile take shape? How has it progressed since then?




Presentation of research



Travelling exhibition One Trial – Four Languages:


The exhibits will be maintained, updated and extended.


Public outreach:

Exhibitions will be organised along with accompanying events and media backing


Of course, all this costs money, so the priority for now is:


Fundraising and finding sponsors


We urgently need more colleagues to help. Sponsors are very welcome. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.