Solidarity – then and now

Since May 2020 the Association has been supporting another important initiative. Up until now, the focus has been mainly on the „One Trial - Four Languages” project which is concerned primarily with the beginnings of our profession.


There is a close link between those beginnings and the founding of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). It has always been a question of solidarity and mutual support.  AIIC decided as early as 1959 to set up a Solidarity Fund to help its members in financial need.


This is particularly important, especially now.  In 2020 and beyond, challenges remain as difficult as ever for conference interpreters around the world. Some of them may experience health problems, have an accident or encounter other unexpected circumstances that deprive them of their income for any period of time. Even more so when a pandemic shuts down economic activity worldwide and puts a stop to international travel for an undetermined duration!


How it works – if you need help


Upon receiving reasoned requests for financial support, the Fund’s Management Committee consults and decides on interest-free loans that are granted in full confidentiality. These are repayable as and when the recipient’s situation has improved. More information can be found on

How it works – if you want to make a donation


In order to be able to fulfil its task, particularly with Covid 19 and other major changes affecting the profession, when solidarity is more important than ever before, the Management Committee welcomes and is grateful for any donation, large or small, to the Fund.


By donating to our non-profit Association, you can support AIIC’s Solidarity Fund. Donations are tax-deductible. All donations will go to a special account for the Fund and will be forwarded to AIIC in Geneva.


Please note that donations can only be made as SEPA transfers or direct debits. The fees for payments by credit card, PayPal or sms would be disproportionately high. For donations by direct debit you can use the linked donation form which will provide us with the address data necessary for the receipt. If you want to transfer from your account using bank details below and are interested in a tax-deduction donation receipt we need an additional e-mail with your postal address. E-mail us at  The receipt will be sent to you by e-mail.

Thank you for your generosity

Account number:

IBAN: DE18700205007179559559 BIC: BFSWDE33MUE 

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft | Purpose: AIIC Solidarity Fund