R³ Relate-Rethink-React

R³ Relate-Rethink-React - a pioneer project worth supporting

After an extraordinarily successful kick-off in 2019, the R³ conferences are now being supported by the association Konferenzdolmetschen - Vergangenheit, Gegenwart, Zukunft e.V. in their payment process.

Heidelberg: R3 Conference a resounding success


Not only did the conference bring together students from all Programmes and languages taught at the Faculty for Modern languages: It did so while galvanizing them around ideas and concerns they share. 

I‘m sure this is the right avenue to go down if you want to prove that academia provides something useful to society.


Quite some bang for the buck, here, as rarely has a conference format showcased the enthusiasm and identification of students with "their" iüd, at the heart of which lies the venerable conference hall.

Far from the disenchantment found in other Programmes, "Alumni flock in droves back into our interpreter‘s booths as they indulge in a little nostalgia“ says Prof. Dr. Kunz, Student Dean with the Faculty of Modern Languages and head of the English department.


"They‘re off to successful careers after a while, and the magnetism of our international conference interpreting Programme has never been more evident.“ 

The social media are awash with glowing reviews and likes for the event, which is bespoke marketing for the brilliant young minds we seek to interest in our field. 


Andreas Eichenauer, Gülay Keskin, Claudia Schmitt, Bernhard Vanecek


R³ 2020

After a successful start in 2019 the Institute forTranslation and Interpreting will once again open its doors to students, interesting speakers and guests for the second edition of Relate-Rethink-React on November 5.


We are pleased to announce that Bernhard Vanecek as head of Jeunesse Musicales in Rhineland-Palatinate, Marion Baldus of Mannheim University, Even Obulor of Migration Hub Heidelberg, author, expert and keynote speaker Sami Omar and last, but not least the musician Andreas Eichenauer will provide their input as speakers focussing on topics such as diversity, identity and racism.


We are looking forward to an interesting conference, new insights, fruitful discussions and an authentic interpreting set-up for our students. Stay tuned for more news to come!